Tuesday, April 13, 2010



Back from work.
Feeling so down now.
Don’t ask me why.
Cause I might just bit your head off.
Maybe is because I’m departing on Thurs.
Maybe is because I suddenly can’t bear to leave everyone.
Maybe is because tomorrow is my last day to have fun.
Maybe is because I haven’t packed my luggage.
Maybe is because I’m still not prepared to leave when I thought I am…

Maybe I’m having pre-flying syndrome…

Monday, April 12, 2010



I’m leaving for Shanghai on THURSDAY! Its exactly 2 Days and 11 hours from now. I will miss everyone seriously! Actually I can say I’m quite prepared for what’s ahead in these 7 months as I got to know GREAT friends who are also going with me to China.

Today’s the 12th. And every 12th of the month is a very special day for me; its Pris and I ‘s anniversary.

Today started with me going to work as usual and reached the place early as usual. Next time got to leave house at 8am instead of 7.30am. GRR…

Anyways, work’s damn boring and after that, rushed a cab to Downtown East to meet Pris for our night date. We caught the movie Date Night and it was a good show i guess. Right Pris? Haha… next we went for dinner at Buddy Hoagies, its a nice ‘hidden’ restaurant at eHub. The food’s nice and cheap, Pris ate Ribeye while I went for the New York Striploin. Pris’ definitely enjoyed their cheese fries a lot.

All the while Pris was very very worried about her camera as she’s afraid she lost her new toy. So through the date, her mind was kinda elsewhere though I keep assuring her. In the end, she found it in her Dad’s car. So yea, happy ending. =)

Pris made me a photo album collage for our 6th month and I was so touched I almost teared! Haha…I really can see the effort she put in=) She prepared a couple of stuffs for me to bring to Shanghai too, strepsils, panadol and chinese medicine. Feel so blessed to have her.=)

  >>>>>>>>>>>THANKS BABY<<<<<<<<<<<

On thursday, flight’s at 1010am but gotta report at the airport at 7am...Zzz. after that I’m off to SHANGHAI! =) Will update this blog once I start my tour there!!! STAY TUNE!!!!

Received blessings from my friends,
some of which really made my day…
like the gifts and letters. =)
Million THANKS!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Post Birthday!


Went out with Pris to celebrate her birthday today. Her birthday’s on the 25/4 so gotta celebrate now as I will be in Shanghai on the 15th. =(

Started the morning with Baby freaking me out. *stares*

Then we headed off to Rafflecity for lunch at Shoduko. Baby Enjoyed the food a lot. Haha…Glad=)

Next saw us going to Vivo for movie Kelvin Tong’s ‘Kidnapper’ which was I think a nice movie to catch=) 7 of 10. Surprised her with a pair of heels she liked. She got me a necklace from a side booth from africa too . Haha..

After that we went over to Ashton’s at Suntec for dinner but for some reason the food taste bland tonight. Baby didn’t like it =( Poor…

Gave her her gift before the meal, a Burberry Vintage Wallet. Spent lots of effort getting it imported over from the States so had high expectations on Baby’s reaction to it. Haha…Well she liked it and yea, ALL WORTH IT=)

Ended the date with some MRT confessions. Haha…and see her till her doorstep=)

Only negative thing is that we didn’t take much pictures at all and I dropped my G11. =(=(

Post-Birthday Celebration a SUCCESS=)

855___03Answering questions..


your favourite brand?



New York Strip



US postage=)



Camel Bone Good Luck Necklace=)


And last but not least…



And yes people,THATS PRIS=)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

the sky’s blue as my heart.


one of those days again i guess…
just feel like spending the whole day out at huge greens,
lying in the middle and reading a good book with the sun..

or taking a endless train ride with me looking out of the window,
thinking about life’s journey..

argh…wish Life can just stop for a moment.

To me, Life’s a learning process.
everyday you learn and it never stops.

though i really hopes it does one day.

Just one


Spent quite a huge sum of money these days…
over 300 I guess?

The thought of me going to Shanghai in a month’s time made me want spend more to make myself feel better…

Well everything will start anew once I’m there…


'Tomorrow’s Biantai Chalet the Third.
Haha…which means a getaway with my buddies,
which means another 30 dollars spent…

Hope everything’s worth it!



Feeling down down down, remedy needed..

Friday, March 5, 2010


Today I went for swimming in the morning.
Wanted to train myself to get back my swimming skills. Ha.
After that, had breakfast with Pris at Mac and bought her favourite grapes to keep her occupied for the day as I know she's not looking forward for the class project outing.
Well, everything was worth it when I see her smile upon the sight of the little ones. Haha..

Next met up with BingXun & WeiLoong for a visit to Luanne's place.
We played majong, cards, Rami'O and WAR.

Haha..BX and WL started WAR with Luanne's little brothers.
Totally hilarious.
Her youngest brother, Luven, is totally like on HIGH.
=P So darn active I should say.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Polaroids Hunting!!

Back from class chalet at Changi Resort.
The chalet was a cosy two storey bungalow with nice interiors.
The first day saw me trying my hands for the first time on Wii.
Haha...We played tennis, boxing, bowling...etc. =)
The rest played cards and majong all till the night,thou its a pity we all didn't get to play games as a whole class together.
Most of the people wanted to catch the sunrise.
So Pauline, Wendy and Me did some morning walk to the beach trying our luck.
While walking back the girls retired back first while I 'emo-ed' over at the beach.
And guess what, SUNRISE! =)

G11 + Sunrise = Happy Kid

Haha...So yup, in the end I was the only one that caught it=)
I took a series of shots as for the first time the both the Sun and the Moon shared the sky together.
So you can clearly see the shade of the skies.
Pity that I messed up the last shot as I had to fit the Moon inside my frame.
(Picture Below)

Anyways, the girls did me a favour, They loaded my G11, well over 200 pictures.
Guys, give me some time before I know how to compress them and sent them over ya? =)

Here are some highlights:


Today, went out with Pris on what we called 'Polaroids Hunting".
Hahaha...We took lots of them and at the end, reviewed them at Mac'Donalds where we splited the lot. =)
Thou I could'nt manage to find my shoes... =(
Oh well, think I'm going Peinusula soon this weekends.

Ohya...We met Joanne Peh's Boyfriend too. And Pris' just attracted to him, like a damn magnet. !@#$%...
haha...oh well, He's tall and suave no doubt.

And and Pris sent me this MMS asking me to buy it;

Yup, she's nuts... =P

Signing off!!